The Perfect Bikini Body

So you have a body right? Just simply put on a bikini and you have the “perfect” bikini body. I know! It`s that simple and not difficult at all as a lot of people make it seem like. These two beautiful ladies are perfect examples of bikini bodies. As long as you have on a bikini than you have a bikini body. Each and every one of us are different, but it is those differences that makes all of us unique in our on way. If you don`t like the skin you are in, well then do something about it! Don`t you dare care about what other people think cause they don`t matter. What truly matters is what you think. Please don`t be afraid of putting on a bikini & not being proud of the body you are in. Just because you don`t measure up to those stupid ideals in our society, doesn`t mean you can`t put on a bikini & flaunt your beautiful body. Who the hell is going to stop you? Haters, can hate all they want & trolls can troll all they want. But at the end of the day you have to do you. So for this summer I hope you all don`t give a damn about what`s “perfect” because there is no such thing as perfect. Just put on a bikini, swimsuit & be proud!


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