Movie Review Of Paper Towns

I saw this movie last Sunday with two of my cousins in Oslo, Norway. I have to say that I really did like this movie, it kind of gave me a feel good feeling. The actors were outstanding & the movie had some of the same aspects as The Fault In our Stars. Although this movie was a lot funnier, I mean it had some really funny moments were the whole audients where busting in full laughter. I also loved the chemestry between Cara Delevingne & Nat Wolff. The only thing I didn`t like about the movie was the ending, in my opinion it could have been better. If you haven`t seen the movie yet  I won`t get into exactly how the ending played out. But if you have seen it, did ou like the ending? Was there something you didn`t like?

Regardless, I hope there will be several movies which adapts John Greens novels.

– Sofia


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