The Perfect Body

Is this the perfect body?

My honest answer is no. There is no such thing as a perfect body. The word perfect shouldn`t even be in the dictionary! The media has always made women strive after something that doesn`t exist. It is sad that a campaign like this showcases a unatural perception of what the “perfect body” should look like. In all honesty, the majority of women does not look like this. It almost seem like if you do look like this than you are perfect, but if not you`re not. No wonder why quite a lot of women are struggeling with their selfesteem when shit like this are being shoved in their faces. I am sick of this. We all have to understand that women are different & unique in their on way. Why should we all look like this? I am short, not thin at all, but not considered thick either. I have a small head, big booty & thighs and small breats. So according to this perception of the “perfect body” I don`t mesaure up. But does that mean that I`m not beautiful? No, not at all! I am beautiful in my own skin and I don`t have to be skinny as hell to be either. Regardless of what kind of body type you have, your beauty comes from within you. All the things that makes you, you are beautiful. Do not listen to the media & accept, but also love the body you are in.

Cause you are beautiful in your way.

– Sofia


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