Love the body your in

The first picture is a year old, but the others are from this year a few months apart.


When I was in middle school I didn`t like my curves, I had a flat belly, big booty & thighs. I was in good shape while playing soccer for 2 years, but never felt truly good about my body. Some girls in my class did compliment me on my flat belly & I was comfortable with it, but not my curves. It wasn`t until 8/9th grade I finally started to love my curves & appreciate them more, but that was also when my flat belly started to fade away. Now the main negative focus drifted to that. It`s really sad that us human beings always have to find something negative with ourselves. My main focus this year has been to ignore the stuff I don`t love about myself & love the things I do love. Everybody has something they should love about themselves, cause everyone is unique in their own way. Our bodies do not look the same as they shouldn`t. Be content with what God gave you. But if you aren`t happy then do something about it, just do it for yourself & not for other people.

What do you love about you body?

– Sofia


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