Classical Lashes


Yesterday I finally got eyelash extensions! When it comes to beauty the only thing I prioritize to spend some money on are my hair such as on weave & rasta braids. But this time I wanted to try this out so see if I´ll like it, and if it will save me a lot of time in the morning by not having to put on mascara. I got them done by a girl here in Oslo, Norway and she did it for quite cheaper prize than it normally cost. So for about 35 dollars I got these new classical lashes! I have short lashes without mascara and mediumish with, but they couldnt be seen from far away. For me it was really important to maintain that natural look which is why I didn`t go for volum or 3D lashes, because it will be too much for my taste.

What is your opinion about eyelash extensions?


  • Sofia



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